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About the Books


First off, our inventory is primarily used. In fact, about 80% of our books are gently used books; with the remaining 20% being new books that are either new releases, books we love, or books that cover subjects important to us and our community (diversity, LGBTQ+, minorities, human rights, strong women).


We get asked all the time: how much are the books? What’s the discount? Almost all of the used hello again books are at least 50% off the publisher’s price. We also took availability and quality into account when pricing to give you the best deal possible. Unless... they are rare finds! Books that we call "rare finds" are out of print, in high-demand, or just incredibly unique. And even in that case, we're still pricing these gems under market value. 


Where do we get all of the books?!? We had a decent collection of “like-new” books to start with, and we receive donations from friends, coworkers, and total strangers (soon-to-be-friends and customers) who are ready to say goodbye to some of their old books to make room for new ones. We also check out estate and library sales throughout the Space Coast, Florida, and Georgia, searching for high-quality reads to sell at hello again books. 


We’re picky about the quality of the books we sell. We want you to feel good about buying a used book, and the quality of the book is a big part of that. We’ve made every effort to select books that are “very good” quality or better. 


Used book quality 101:


  • Used - Like New: you’d have no idea that this was a used book if we hadn’t told you! Like new books sometimes have minor cosmetic defects (marks, wears, cuts, bends, crushes) on the cover, spine, pages or dust cover. Dust cover is intact and pages are clean and not marred by notes. The book might have remainder marks on outside edges.

  • Used - Very Good: It looks like someone read this book but, juuuust barely. Very good books have minor cosmetic defects (marks, wears, cuts, bends, crushes) on the cover, spine, pages, or dust cover and a few marks on the outside edges. It probably doesn’t have a dust cover or box set case.

  • Used - Good: decent condition; these books look like the book your best friend lends you after they read it and loved it! All pages and cover are intact (including the dust cover if there is one). The spine might be broken and pages might have a note or two or some highlighting. May include "From the library of" labels, stamps, etc.

  • Used - Acceptable: This is one of those books that looks so interesting you’d buy it even if it was missing a cover (it isn’t, but it might be pretty old and scuffed up). The pages and cover are intact, but there are probably some notes, highlighting, or even water damage. But you can still read this little gem!  


Once in a while, you’ll find a book with hand-written notes, school or library stamps, or discoloration/fading like it’s been around for decades (it probably has!). We made exceptions for these books because they look interesting, are unique, or are in high-demand (classics and best-sellers). 


Are we buying books/accepting trade-ins? No.


We DO accept donations. Bring all of your used books in and we'll use what we can and donate the rest or recycle them if they're in rough condition.  

 If you’d like to make a book donation just bring them in during business hours or call us if you have questions!

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