Starting July 20th, hello again books resumed modified hours while we get back into the swing of things amidst COVID. We are NOT resuming events... we'll let you know when they're back on!


We’ve come up with what we think are some exciting plans, but if you have an idea for an event or activity, talk to us while you’re in the store or send an email to

We’re open to suggestions!


For example, if you’re looking for a place that isn’t your living room to hold your book club, we’re the ideal location. We offer beer, wine, coffee, tea, desserts, pastries, and other snacks in a comfortable environment so you don’t have to clean your house. It’s a win-win.

One thing, before we get into the specifics: these events may change as we get to know you better, so we recommend you check us out on social media or give us a call if you're thinking of coming in! 

Let's talk events:

Mondays: Closed (sad face)

Tuesdays: Scrabble Club (6pm). Bring a board, bring a notebook and pen, and we'll make it work! We have seating for about 20 people to play comfortably, so any more than that and we're going to have to rethink how often we run the scrabble club (that's a good thing!).

1st Wednesday of every month: Book Club (6pm). We'll host our own book club every month and invite readers to join us for a lively discussion about the book and anything else that might come up! Also, if you want to use our space as your book club locale, send an email to

2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month: Creative writing workshop (6pm). Let's get writing! Maybe you love to write but just haven't been able to find the time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Maybe you need a good ole' writing assignment to get you started? Well, this is the group for you! Show up, talk about your writing goals, share your work, and if you want it, receive constructive feedback and friendly critiques to support your creative endeavors! AND THEN we can prepare for... brace yourselves... are you sitting down?.... NaNoWriMo!!! If you don't know what this is, you need to know! Page down for more info!

Thursdays: Crossword Challenge (6pm). Every week, we'll do a timed crossword challenge! The crossword will be printed and distributed to everyone who wants to participate (bring your own pencil or, dare we say, PEN?) The first person to finish will win a fantastic, amazing, of little-to-no monetary value prize, but HUGE bragging rights for an entire week! 

Fridays: LGBTQ+ social (6pm-8pm). Hang out, read, have a glass of something, and if you so choose, meet some people! We love to play cards, so maybe you're in for a game of gin rummy or another card game? Let's do that! Basically, we're open to ideas. 


Saturdays (coming soon!): Children's storytime (11am). A lovely member of our community will read books to the little ones who want to read it!


Saturdays: Open mic celebrating spoken word/storytelling/poetry (6pm). Come in and share your work and let's all celebrate creativity in our very own community! We have a small stage designed for this very purpose. Everyone will get a turn as long as we have the time, otherwise, we'll have everyone draw for spots.

Sundays: Sit & Knit (all day, 11am-5pm). If you're looking for a place to relax and knit with other knitters, crocheters, needle-pointers, etc., of every skill level, this is it. We have lovely drinks and snacks for purchase, so you only need to bring your projects and your delightful selves! We love our local yarn store, Knit & Stitch Boutique, and support them 100%, so we're only offering this when they're closed. Otherwise, head on over to Knit & Stitch. They're lovely! 


A little more about hello again books special events:

  • Author book readings and book signings

  • Various poetry and open mic events

  • Storytelling

  • Theme nights, RE: Harry Potter, Jane Austen, and other literary-themed events

  • Viewing parties

  • Current events

  • Creative writing groups

  • Resume creation events

  • Homework & study groups

  • Events we haven't even thought of yet! Maybe you have some ideas? Let us know! We're here for YOU!


For exact dates and times for all events follow us on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re not social media savvy/friendly, come to the store and check out our event board to learn more about our events or to sign-up for a creative writing workshop.

More on NaNoWriMo

Yes! We're talking about the National Novel Writing Month event, which takes place every November. Basically, you commit to writing a certain number of words every day so that at the end of November you have a complete first draft of a 50,000-word novel. A NOVEL that YOU wrote.


Have you been thinking about writing a book? THIS is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be a part of a community of writers who can support you through this journey.


Honestly, we've been thinking about doing this for years, but have never made the time or the commitment. You know what: there's no time like the present! Let's get started, so when we hit November we are a small but supportive group of writers ready to join the thousands of others around the world who accept the challenge of writing a novel in a month!


Interested? Send an email to or send us a message on FB or Instagram. 

Want more information on NaNoWriMo? Check it out here

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