We’ve come up with what we think are some exciting events, but if you have a fun idea for our hello again books community, talk to us while you’re in the store or send an email to helloagainbooks@gmail.com. We’re open to suggestions!

One thing: Before we get into the specifics: these events may change or be modified, so we recommend you check us out on social media (Instagram and Facebook) or give us a call if you're thinking of coming in! 

Let's talk events:

Upcoming Special Events:​​

  • March 26, 10am-3pm: Historic Cocoa Village Book Fest
    Enjoy a family fun literary day in the village, with local and guest authors throughout the shops & businesses. Authors will also be in Myrt Tharpe Square (the gazebo area), presented by the Space Coast Writer's Guild. In addition to authors galore, there will be a 'story walk' in which you and the little ones can walk around the village to read a children's book displayed page by page in the windows of participating stores! We'll also have a set of 6 bookmarks that you can collect throughout the day when visiting locations where authors are stationed. The Brevard County Mobile Library will also be on-site for everyone to enjoy!


  • April 30, ALL DAY: Independent Bookstore Day!
    Join us as we celebrate the diversity, creativity, and community that makes a truly independent bookstore! We'll have giveaways and a full day of celebration and we recognize the joy that books bring into our lives and our village!


  • April 30, 1pm: Guest Author, Robert N. Macomber
    Also on Independent Bookstore Day, we have award-winning Maritime author, lecturer, and world adventurer, Robert N. Macomber! Macomber is best known for his Honor series, "depicting thrilling highlights of the U.S. Navy's critical role in the expansion of America from a continental country n the mid-19th century into a global power in the early 20th century." The Florida Writers Association Inc., named Macomber the 2020 Florida Writer of the Year, so this is sure to be a fascinating presentation!


  • June 11, ALL DAY: "Be the Rainbow!" Pride in the Village
    Join us for our 2nd annual LGBTQ+ Pride event! We have a full day of activities scheduled that are created to honor our diverse community - allies welcome and colorful attire is encouraged! Rainbows, unicorns, tutus... wear anything and everything that brings you happiness when you put it on!
    Here's a taste of the activities we'll have this year:
    - Pride Pet Parade, co-sponsored by Tails at the Barkery
    - Pulse Moment of Remembrance 
    - Kid's Storytime 
    - Sticker Scavenger Hunt! 


Regular Events


Mondays: Closed (sad face)

LAST Wednesday of every month: Book Club (6:30pm). We host our own book club every month and invite readers to join us for a lively discussion about the book and anything else that might come up! Also, if you want to use our space as your book club locale, send an email to helloagainbooks@gmail.com.

Other random Wednesdays: Movie night (6pm). Usually related to something we've been talking about at LGBTQ+ game night or bookclub, but you never know! (follow us on FB and IG for updates!) 

Fridays: LGBTQ+ social (6:30pm-8pm). Hang out, play a card game, enjoy a beverage, and if you so choose, meet some people! Allies welcome! Kinda an 18 and over crowd, but we get an older teen now and again! (follow us on FB and IG just in case we decide to do an outing!) 

On certain Saturdays: Storytime! (11:30am). Show up and listen in! (follow us on FB and IG for updates!) 

On certain Saturdays (1pm): Author events. Enjoy learning about books written by local authors! They'll talk about their writing process, their book, and how they got it published. Most authors stay for questions and sell copies of their book at the event! (follow us on FB and IG for updates!)

Sundays: Sit & Knit (12pm-2pm). Bring your knitting, crochet, needlepoint, or yarn-spinning and enjoy our space while crafting with other like-minded peeps. Might be the perfect time to find a new pattern and make a crafty friend or two! 

Other hello again books events:

  • Storytelling

  • Scrabble club

  • Crossword challenge

  • Theme nights, RE: Harry Potter birthday celebration, Jane Austen lovers unite, and other literary-themed events

  • Viewing parties for movies based on books

  • Current events

  • Creative writing groups

  • Resume assistance events

  • Homework & study groups

  • Events we haven't even thought of yet! Maybe you have some ideas? Let us know! We're here for YOU!

  • Coming again soon: Wear your Tiara Day! Come in wearing a tiara and you'll get 10% off your purchase! Feel free to add a fancy dress, suit, or other fun costume to accent your tiara - why not, right? Plus, we'll take pics and post on social media, so everyone can enjoy in a socially-distanced manner! Had a lovely Tiara Day on 1/23/21 - check out social media for pics!


For exact dates and times for all events follow us on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re not social media savvy/friendly, come to the store and talk to us!

We Support NaNoWriMo Participation

Yes! We're talking about the National Novel Writing Month event, which takes place every November. Basically, you commit to writing a certain number of words every day so that at the end of November you have a complete first draft of a 50,000-word novel. A NOVEL that YOU wrote.


Have you been thinking about writing a book? THIS is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be a part of a community of writers who can support you through this journey. There are events throughout the year to get writers writing... so join in anytime!


Honestly, we've been thinking about doing this for years, but have never made the time or the commitment. You know what: there's no time like the present! Let's get started, so when we hit November we are a small but supportive group of writers ready to join the thousands of others around the world who accept the challenge of writing a novel in a month!

Want more information on NaNoWriMo? Check it out here