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be creative

Calling ALL Creative Souls of ALL ages: 

We LOVE our logo! It inspires us every day. A wonderful tattoo artist at Endless Summer Tattoo in Cocoa Beach designed it for us: Vanessa Harper. Please check out their parlor (they're awesome) and Vanessa's work if you get a chance (IG: vanessaharpertattoo).

We recently got a message from a customer asking about a contest or activity around the idea of coloring our logo and we thought, what a cool idea! How would you like to color it? Maybe you'd like to artistically interpret it, create a cartoon about it, or do something totally out of the box?!? Now's the time for you to go for it! Take our logo and be creative with it! Creativity is what this activity is ALL about! Use our logo as your inspiration!

Why are we doing this? Well, when we opened we initially wanted to turn our bookmarks into a kind of contest, and then we thought, is that enough? Let's make it more of an online and in-store gallery, and if we use your art for something, we'll give you a $10 gift card, honor you on social media, and give lifelong bragging rights! Basically, it's art for art's sake. And we'll celebrate ALL hello again books inspired art here on our website!

There's no time limit on this activity, but we release bookmarks every few months, so getting you art to us early is a good idea. Who knows what else we'll do with it???


Send submissions to or send them in a message on Instagram or Facebook. Make sure you tell us your name and where you're from! You can always bring them into the store, we'd love to see you!

So what's stopping you? Get creative!

A few disclaimers: This is a free event - you don't have to pay anything to participate. We don't offer any compensation beyond the one-time $10 gift card for anything we use on hello again books branded content, items, products - anything we put the art on and sell or give away. 

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