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Space Coast


Harry Potter Alliance

If you've visited hello again books, you know we're Harry Potter fans. We love the books, the movies, the Universal parks... we love it all! 

Granted, the author has been making some less than ideal comments about our Harry Potter-loving community. We don't get it. We don't support these negative statements. However, we still love the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The series has enriched our lives and provides some much needed magic in an often confusing and hectic muggle world. 


We at hello again books believe in supporting our community. So you can imagine how happy we were when we found out that we could take part in a truly wonderful non-profit organization that promotes activism and kindness at every age! 

Welcome to the hello again books chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance! We're called the Space Coast Seekers and you can join us in making real and positive change in our community... and have some fun along the way!


The Harry Potter Alliance turns fans into heroes. We use the power of story and popular culture to make activism accessible and sustainable. Through experiential training and real life campaigns, we develop compassionate, skillful leaders who learn to approach our world’s problems with joy, creativity, and commitment to equity.

We envision a world without regional, demographic, or financial barriers to leadership opportunities, and where activism is sustainable because it is approached with joy and bolstered by community support.

How do I join?

Find us online and get started HERE!


What do we do? 

We collect book donations to give to the local free reading library or the local non-profit thrift store. We participate in beach and public park clean-up events, we help others in our community who need assistance, and we do... well, what would YOU like to do?!? Let's work together to come up with wonderful ways to support our diverse community!

Want more information?

Check out the Harry Potter Alliance website


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